How I overcome the Pains Of My Son’s Death – D’banj

How I overcome the Pains Of My Son’s Death – D’banj

There is no uncertainty that singer, Dapo Oyebanjo, otherwise known as D’banj, is a standout amongst the most fiery Nigerian entertainers of his age. The vocalist is known to initiate happiness in individuals who go to his shows with the tricks he pulls in front of the audience.

Be that as it may, the Mobolowowon vocalist lost his only child a few months back & many believe it would influence his magic. He appeared to go off the matrix following the catastrophe & some even expected that the artist probably won’t have the capacity to put in his typical enthusiasm into his music vocation.

Nonetheless, the vocalist has skiped once again from the heartbreaking occurrence however he was gravely hit. He performed at most occasions that occurred amid the Yuletide & it was classic D’banj.

At the finish of-year gathering of a land organization, D’banj produce a marvelous execution, to the point that fans didn’t want him to depart the stage. Amid his execution, the vocalist additionally uncovered how he had the ability to overcome the passing of his child.

He stated,

“I have been through tough times but I believe that’s what makes one a man. You all know what happened to me recently when I lost my son; it was really a tough time for me. But do you know how I was able to get through it? It was because of you, my fans. You showed me so much love and it really meant a lot to me and my family. It is when certain things happen to you that you will know whether you are a man or not. That incident was a test for me and I am glad that I’m still standing.”

Talking on what he has for the coming year, D’banj stated,

“You just have to keep your fingers crossed because I have a lot of things in stock for you. I am back, bigger and better. Some people thought my career will go down but I’m still here shining. The fans still loves me and that’s what counts. I am very glad that I have very loyal fans who have been with me from the start. I don’t take that for granted because not every artiste has that privilege.”

Giving words of encouragement to the audience at the occasion, Oyebanjo stated,

“You should never be discouraged from following your dreams. When I started my career, so many people said I wouldn’t make it. They thought I wouldn’t go far and they ridiculed me because I was playing the harmonica but look who is standing here now.”