Here’s How to Stay Trendy through the Rainy Days

Here’s How to Stay Trendy through the Rainy Days

We all know how hard it is to dress up during the rainy season especially for women.

You have to worry about making sure your clothes are thick enough to keep you warm and your shoes are good strong enough not to get ruined as soon as it comes in contact with water.

Considering all these could make you not look as trendy as you would love to right?

Wrong! You can still look chic and fashionable regardless of the rain with these few tips:

Invest in Jellies and rubber shoes

Jellies and rubber shoes have always been very cute.

Best of all is that they are waterproof so you do not have to worry about them falling apart under the rain.

If you like, you can change into better shoes as soon as you arrive your destination.

You can never go wrong with turtle necks

Turtle neck sweats are timeless.

They can be styled with anything – pants, pencil skirts, flared skirts and pretty much any bottom.

They are stylish and can certainly keep you warm.

Time to bring out those wedges

Because wedges are platforms, they can elevate your feet from the wet floors.

They are also much more balanced hence you don’t need to wobble as you would if you were wearing heels.

Best of all is that they are also trendy.

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Sweaters are classics

You can style your round-neck and v-neck sweaters in many ways.

A personal favourite is by wearing a white shirt (or any other colour) under the sweater, leaving the collar and cuffs of the shirt to be revealed.

This is super stylish and can be styled in many ways.

Wear trendy jackets

Jackets are actually a necessity and would come in handy during the rains.

Don’t just make it any jacket but make it a stylish one.

Throw in some colour

Don’t forget the weather is dull enough.

A pop of colour will certainly light up your look and your day.