Falz Talks About His Journey And His Love Life

Falz Talks About His Journey And His Love Life

Nigerian rapper, Falz in a current meeting gave knowledge on his adventure to fame & love life.

The rapper said despite the fact that he had begun making music since 2009, he didn’t locate his enormous break until 2015. Falz, who as of late discharged his ‘Moral Instruction’ collection, said it was “quite tough” to enter into the music business.

“I don’t even think it was one song. I think it was a period of time with quite a few things going on around that time,” he said during a sit-down with Teni on Flytime Promotion’s ‘The Journey’.

“It was quite tough, it’s never easy. I’ve been pushing music since 2009.

“Not until maybe like 2015 (before the big break). At the same time I was in the university. I finished in 2010. It was a period of time when I began to showcase rascality on the internet.

“At that time, the song that was popular for me was ‘Marry Me’ featuring Yemi Alade and Poe. At the same time, I was becoming a well known rascal on the internet. That attracted a lot of people to me.”

Talking about his relationship stand, Falz said he has not had a sweetheart for quite a while. The performer additionally said he doesn’t effectively engage in contemplations of marriage.

“I don’t really think about marriage like that but I have liked girls,” he stated.

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