Deceptive Relationship and Its Destructive Consequences

Deceptive Relationship and Its Destructive ConsequencesPhoto Credit:

Any relationship or marriage that is built on deceit will not stand the test of time. There are so many relationships and marriages today that are time bombs waiting to explode when the truth that has been buried surfaces.

Many people have built their relationships and marriages on lies. They have sown lies and are looking forward to reaping happiness and honesty. Has anyone sown yam and reap cassava? This is the kind of situation those who have built their relationships on deceit are in.

Before you establish any love relationship, be sincere to your would-be partner. Tell him or her the truth about yourself especially when he asked you questions about your past and present lifestyle.

As a woman, if you were or is a prostitute, tell him the truth. If you are already in a relationship, tell him the truth. If you had a child out of wedlock, tell him the truth. If you come from a poor family, don’t pretend to be from a wealthy family. Let the man know the truth about you and if he will still go ahead and date you or marry you, he will love you for who you are and will work towards making you a better person. If after telling him the truth about yourself and he decides to leave, that is better than deceit.

If you lie to him and he goes ahead to date you based on the lies you told him, when he found out the truth, you will lose him and your happiness which might place you on a destructive path.

As a man, don’t deceive any woman and build a relationship or marriage on lies. When the lady finds out the truth, the happiness will be lost and she might never place you in the same place in her heart which might make her do unthinkable things to you or herself.

A lot of relationships have been broken and many marriages shattered because they were built on deceit.

If you bury the truth, it will gather a very destructive force that when it surfaces, it will consume everything you have built in your relationship or marriage.