3 Ways Your Business is Loosing Money!

3 Ways Your Business is Loosing Money!

It’s barely 2 months to the end of the year and you want to save guard any leak from which your business may be loosing money:

1. Undocumented Soft Costs

Soft costs such as airtime and transport fare, tend to slip through the cracks and can be easily missed during accounting because of their trivia nature.

Not accounting for the “little” things will leave a permanent dent.

2. Inefficient Marketing

It’s one thing to market, it’s another to do so effectively.

You lose money when you keep pumping money into an unproductive channel.

Monitor and audit your marketing channels and tweak as necessary.

3. Bad Customer Service

Treat a customer right and get advertised to one more person, treat a customer bad and he/she will tell everyone about it.

Bad customer service will cost you a large gaping hole in your finances.

So at all cost, ensure great customer service!

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