Will You Date A Man Or Woman Who Says No To S3x Before Marriage?

Will You Date A Man Or Woman Who Says No To S3x Before Marriage?

By Terfa Naswem

The issue of s3x has really affected many relationships.

S3x is a very serious issue that many people like to pretend about it.

If not well handled in a relationship, it can create many problems that will destroy the relationship beyond redemption.

Religion plays various roles on how love relationship should be handled when it comes to s3x.

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Others view s3x in a relationship based on their own principles.

In all these, many have made their personal decisions on this matter irrespective of religion or principles.

Will you date a man or woman who says no to s3x before marriage?

This is a question that many people will answer with various reasons why they will say no or yes to it before marriage.

For any relationship to work with or without s3x, the partners must sincerely agree to such terms.

Where there is any disagreement on this, the relationship will not work.

Some ladies and men have lost those they truly loved because of their decision not to have s3x with them till marriage.

It takes the grace of God and absolute dedication to one’s faith to be able to date a man or woman without s3x till marriage.

This is one of the most difficult things for any man or woman to do.

In most situations where both partners agree to date each other without s3x till marriage, one or both of them will usually be sleeping with someone else but will not sleep with each other till they marry.

This is what is happening in some relationships today.

When it comes to the issue of s3x in relationship, partners should be very sincere with each other.

If they know they can’t say no to s3x till marriage, let them open up to each other and not pretend about it.

If they sincerely know they can date without s3x with their partner or anyone else till they marry, then they can go on.

Any relationship that is built on deceit will affect marriage negatively and even lead to divorce if care is not taken.


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    Ikpaagodo Kingsley 2 years

    Yeah I’d date a lady who’s a celibate provided we are loyal to each other. Loyalty and a sense of belonging are paramount.