Why You Should Not Be A Freelancer?

Why You Should Not Be A Freelancer?

I am a freelancer and I just love it. But everybody can’t live the life of a freelancer. Freelancing has freedom but still it has responsibilities.

You need some certain qualities to become a freelancer if you don’t have these qualities don’t consider freelancing as your career.

This article is not demotivating at all, in fact this article is an eye opener for all you guys who wants to become a freelancer but don’t know about the inside facts of freelancing.

If You think Freelancing is easy job

Freelancing is the hardest job ever.

But if you want to become a freelancer because you thinks that it’s the easiest job around then just stay away from freelancing.

You have to work really hard to survive as a freelancer.

A freelancer need to work day and night to make a name for himself.

So if you are not willing to work hard then freelancing is not the best career option for you.

If You want to become rich overnight

If you thinks that freelancing can make you rich in few days then you are wrong.

You can set a price for your services but if you will set the high price then nobody will higher you.

So freelancing is not a shortcut to become rich.

You will be free most of the time

This is the most common thinking of new freelancers they thinks that they will be free most of the time.

I am a freelancer from three years and believe me I never had any time for my family.

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I work till 3 am at night and when I wake up at 9 in the morning I again start working.

So if you want to be free all the time freelancing is not a job option for you.

You hate communicating with people

Some people thinks that freelancers had nothing to do with meeting or communicating with other people.

But they are wrong, if you are a freelancer you need to communicate with clients and agencies to get more work.

So if you are not a good communicator or just hate being communicating with other people find another job for you, freelancing is not for you.

You are not disciplined

Freelancing demands discipline and if you hate being disciplined then you can’t become a freelancer.

A freelancer had to make a work schedule for himself so that he can complete the work on time.

If you can’t work in a disciplined atmosphere then you can never be a freelancer.