Why Popular Advice Is Useless If You Want To Get Your Boyfriend Back

Why Popular Advice Is Useless If You Want To Get Your Boyfriend Back

Find out why you will get nowhere with a counselor or therapist if you are hoping to get your boyfriend back.

Bold as it may seem, they simply don’t have what it takes to help you to get him back and you need to know why.

Everybody has an opinion on how you should go about getting your boyfriend back.

Everywhere you turn there is someone with advice or tips or tricks saying that they can help you to get your man back but who do you believe?

Should you follow the traditional route, and go with someone that has years of college and a degree, or a slick player, who claims to have the goods that will turn your ex into a blubbering idiot and putty in your hands?

Even though many of the so called professionals out there might have studied psychology in books and sat through lectures, you have to wonder what their goal is and whether what they have in their cranium can actually help you to get your boyfriend back.

Every day is like torture, and you just want to get back together with your man.

You could care less about what they learned in college and if you’re anything like me, you have neither the time nor the money to waste on many of the so called professionals.

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You might understand this better if you think of it logically.

A counselor will, first of all, charge you by the hour and you will meet once a week for one hour.

It very well might take you a month to explain your relationship and what you think went wrong before a professional might be able to give you any advice and when it comes to advice, what kind of things do you think a counselor will be telling you?

Counselors and professional therapists typically are not in the business of helping people to get their ex back.

They are usually more concerned with helping you to get over your ex and move on.

A counselor can’t go wrong with this kind of advice and you very well might walk out of there feeling wrong for wanting to get back together with your ex.

There are folks out there though that are in the business of helping others to get back together with an ex.

They might not have an office and their advice is usually less than main stream but the stuff that they have to share with you is the advice that will help you to turn things around and help you to change your ex’s mind about your breakup.

Many people who fall into this category might have a background in psychology but they soon find out that the it can be very rewarding to help others to reunite with a person that they truly do love.

For me, that was what I wanted when my boyfriend and I broke up.

I wanted information that would help me to get over the pain from my breakup by getting my boyfriend back.

It made sense to me, and I knew that there must be information out there that would help me.

Yes, I tried talking to counselors and talked to my pastor but all they encouraged me to do was to move on and find someone else.

So, if you’re anything like me and your goal is to get your boyfriend back the experts are going to be of little use to you.

Once I understood what I needed to do I focused on my goal, and got the best advice I could find on how to actually go about improving my relationship and myself and repair what had become broken.

I saw that there was love in our relationship but that things had spiraled out of control and it was up to me to fix it.

I could no more turn my back on my boyfriend than I could on a part of my own body and my heart was tied to his forever.

I missed him and I loved him and I was determined to get him back.

Friends and family might mean well and their hearts are in the right place, but if you find yourself feeling discouraged or torn up inside every time you contemplate moving on then I encourage you to continue to work towards getting your boyfriend back.

In this day and age of disposable relationships and quickie divorces, people like you are few and far between and you probably already know that moving on is impossible.

Your heart feels what it feels, and the only thing that is really going to bring true healing to your heart is to be with the one you love, then get ready to get your boyfriend back.

Your relationship is worth it, your ex is worth it and you are deserving of getting your boyfriend back and basking in the love that you once shared again.