Why I have not made any movie in 4 years – Tunde Kelani

Why I have not made any movie in 4 years – Tunde Kelani

It is never again news that leading cinematographer & executive, Tunde Kelani, as of late declared his termination as the director & individual from the National Film and Video Censors Board.

In a visit with Punch Kelani talked on his project in the wake of leaving NFVCB.

He stated,

“My plan is to continue working. Being a member of NFVCB wasn’t a full-time job; we were just expected to hold meetings three times a year. As a matter of fact, there was no time I left my job as a filmmaker. But for the last four years, I have not released any new production. I have movies I can release but it wouldn’t be wise to do that because it will be pirated within 24 hours. It is not sustainable to keep working for pirates because we invest a lot in our movies.”

“Piracy has affected the traditional DVD distribution network; so, we have to look towards technology and other platforms. This year, I think we will have solutions.” He said, “Being a member of NFVCB wasn’t financially rewarding as most thought; it was a service to the country. We were supposed to formulate policies that would support the movie industry.”

“I resigned because I felt I could do more as a stakeholder. I felt I would be more useful to the industry if I was not part of the board.”