Why I don’t Flaunt my wife on social media – Actor Jigan

Why I don’t Flaunt my wife on social media – Actor Jigan

Kazeem Abimbola, widely known as Jigan Babaoja, has said he will never parade his spouse on the internet. Jigan noticed that he wedded his spouse for himself & not for everyone.

“I don’t fancy putting pictures of my wife on social media because it may put my marriage into trouble. For instance, if I had something to do with another lady, the fact that I posted my wife’s picture on Instagram may prompt the other lady to cause trouble between me and my wife. My wife is not meant for the world; she is meant for only me and my children,” he stated.

Jigan was as of late engaged with what appeared to be a warmed contention between himself, Funsho Adeolu & Kevin Ikeduba. The majority of his fans thought the battle was genuine, until Jigan turned out to express that it was only a trick.When asked about the inspiration driving the alleged contention, he said he thought of the trick to pull in people to his page.

“As an actor, I am supposed to make anything look as believable as possible. I contacted Kevin and I told him to act like the fight was real; so that was why he replied me in an angry tone via his Instagram page. Interestingly, it went viral and people were calling to know what happened but it was just a prank.”

“As a comedian, I have to do things differently. I had to take the video down because Nigerians took the video too seriously; that was why I came out quickly to clear the air that it wasn’t real. I wanted to make it trend for a week, but it couldn’t stand for that long. I wanted it to be a video challenge similar to the 10-year challenge that trended recently. I only wanted traffic on my page. I am a very calm and respectful man,” he revealed to Saturday Beats.

Talking on the idea that performing artists in the Nigerian movie industry live fabricated lives, Jigan faulted the issue on rivalry.

“Whatever life I have chosen to live has to be appreciated. I have told God that I don’t want too much money, I just want to be comfortable. I am not in competition with anybody. There is a lot of competition in the industry and the people involved do not need it,” he stated.