My Whiteboard Animation Journey: From Zero To Mastery!

My Whiteboard Animation Journey: From Zero To Mastery!Photo Credit: Onwuka Chinedu Kester

How do I get started with Whiteboard animation?”

I’ve get this question all the time

So, I’ll take my time to explain as simply as I can…

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I once got in a rickety bus headed to Odeda LGA, it was CDS day.

That day my phone had plans, it had decided to leave me (perhaps it felt abused).

I went out with it, but it chose not to go back with me.

The ‘real’ owner took it back

It was a tattered phone anyway, but it still beats me that anyone would steal it…

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We’ll talk about this some other day

Well, this was my new situation


Around that time, I had discovered an animation software which I found really fascinating…

I got it, started practicing, paid for courses, watched loads of Youtube videos, paid a private tutor too..

I practiced HARD (I still do anyway). I setup an IG account where I posted videos I made.

New Situation:


By now you already can imagine what my next concern was, can you?

“How can I monetize?”

I needed a new phone badly at this point, and the plan was to get one using my newly acquired skill.


But it was free.

I created a FREE campaign video for a friend, and he loved it…

The video was everywhere too.

Months later, I got a call from a senior colleague!

It was a referral from my first free job

“Chinedu, can you make a video for us?

How much do you charge?”

I had never charged anyone for this, I stuttered a little, by the time I got my composure back, I told him I was going to get back to him…

“I’m stuck in traffic, Sir”

The traffic was in my head this time

You know what I did?

I researched online.

Boy!! The figures I saw drove me crazy!!! I was sitting on a gold mine!

First job got me more than half the cost of the phone I planned to buy 🙂

It was the jump I needed… It was gasoline to my fire

Since then, I have got several jobs, held several online classes, taught live audiences too.

And I have found ways to simplify the process.

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I have attained Mastery…

And I’ll reveal some of my processes to you,

But first, if you’re wondering how to get started,

Here’s how:

* There are many options out there. Look for packages with the easiest learning curve, so you don’t get frustrated early.

My mentor Lorens taught me this

* Don’t be cheap about learning.

If you intend to use this as just a hobby, then Youtube is enough…

Otherwise, pay for courses, they are usually more organised and detailed, plus you can easily adopt the facilitator as a mentor.

It’s like one of my older friends told me when I wanted to get my first dog…

He said,

“Guy don’t play small, get quality”. that’s the same advice I’ll give you

* Do free jobs to build your portfolio, but don’t be afraid to charge for your work too. Gather testimonials

* Once you start gettting known, increase your fee. Charge higher and don’t flinch.

Impress your customers, and gather testimonials.

Here’s the sweet part…


Yeah, I yelled aloud.

Remember you invested heavily in this too.


* You’re a MASTER now. You have paid the price.

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Now pay it forward.

Organise paid classes.

Help interested people.

NO you don’t have to do it for free, just make sure you’re giving people value for their money.

* Improve on your skill (don’t be a local champion).

Keep improving, exlpore other forms of animation.

Learn complimentary skills, that will make you stand out.

Keep growing

Got questions?

Wriiten by Onwuka Chinedu Kester

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