“When They Say We Are Lazy”

“When They Say We Are Lazy”

My team is currently writing some books for a number of clients.

The genre of one of these books hinges on a peculiar sector, so it requires some serious research work.

From the research materials we have been studying, some ugly revelations just keep staring us in the face.

So I just have to pause to say this.

The sad truth is, Nigeria is ranking very, very, very low in many economic indexes in the world.

Like, we are low as in low.

We may not understand how terrible and exigent this is until we juxtapose it with the amount of wealth other nations in the West are raking in right under our noses.

It is sickening!

So when someone says we are lazy, it is not a derogatory speech.

You don’t blame them.

The facts are there; the data are there for us to study and defend.

So keep emotions aside and contend with the data if you can.

I can’t go into detail of the work my team is doing in violation of our confidentiality clause, but honestly we have a lot of work to do as a nation.

We can’t bypass this mess, nay, pong!

We can’t also talk or pray our way out of this.

Neither can we argue, complain, or throw up vitriol to get over it.

It involves work – lots of it, actually.

And I say kudos to every Nigerian entrepreneur working really hard, against all odds and ordeals.

Una dey try.

Written by Chinonso Ogbogu