When I Was Rushed To The Hospital, I Didn’t Know Whether I Was Alive Or Dead – Lord Of Ajasa

When I Was Rushed To The Hospital, I Didn’t Know Whether I Was Alive Or Dead – Lord Of Ajasa

Numerous Nigerians were dishearten when news broke that famous indigenous rapper, Lord of Ajasa, was hospitalized & required cash to pay his charges. Many individuals asked why his companions in the business couldn’t come together for him without putting his condition in the open.

But in a visit with Sunday Scoop, Ajasa expressed that individuals, both inside & outside media outlets, had connected with him. He stated, “Right now, I am at a private hospital in Ikeja (Lagos). I wasn’t getting proper care at the General Hospital Ikorodu, Lagos, and since people have begun to support me, I can now afford to get treated at a better hospital.”

“I cannot mention the names of all the people who have assisted me because they are very many. However, some that I can mention are Gbenga Adeyinka, Alariwo, Jah Bless, Ice K (of Artquake), 9ice, Olamide, among others. Though some people are saying the support is not enough but it is whatever they have that they would give me. All the funds I’ve got have not been able to take care of all my bills. There are so many fans that have assisted as well; people that I don’t even know. I really appreciate the outpouring of love.”

Talking on his current circumstances, the Le Fenu So rapper stated, “I was supposed to undergo a surgery but the doctor said I’m improving; so, I may no longer need it. According to them, I have been responding well to treatment and I am getting much better.”

Disclosing how his adventure to the healing center began, Ajasa stated, “I began feeling the torment on January 1 and I thought it was the typical event since I had been encountering such torment for quite a while. Generally, the torment would simply go back and forth. However, this time, it kept going longer. Abruptly, I couldn’t stand or walk. At that point, on the main Sunday of January, I was hurried to the healing facility; I about fallen. I didn’t know whether I was in any condition. I regurgitated a ton and was in so much torment. In any case, I express gratitude toward God that I am better at this point. For the two weeks that I was at the General Hospital, I couldn’t eat or drink. I was bolstered intravenously.”

On the idea of his illness and what bring about it, Ajasa stated, “I was diagnosed with peptic ulcer and I must confess that it was partly due to my carelessness. I had been having the symptoms for a while but I thought it was just normal pain. My wife usually takes care of me and prepares food for me at all times. But during the December period, I attended a lot of shows; so, I wasn’t at home. I guess that was what triggered the attack.”