Use Your God’s Given Ability & Wisdom To Make A Difference In People’s Lives

Use Your God’s Given Ability & Wisdom To Make A Difference In People’s Lives

By Terfa Naswem

God created us in this world to make various impact: help ourselves, touch lives and transform the world with our knowledge and ability.

When we decide to hurt people with such abilities, we inflict pains on them and take away their happiness.

I have touched many lives through my articles and wise counsel because God has given me the ability and wisdom to do so.

I derive happiness in making others happy by putting smiles on their faces through helping them psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and otherwise.

I have helped many people find happiness in their relationships, marriages and families and it is my sincere desire to continue to make potent impact on the lives of many other people.

A lot of people wonder why I am single but have been able to provide wise counsel that help many marriages from divorce and restore peace and love in such marriages. I always tell them that it is true that I am not married yet but God has given me the ability and wisdom to do so.

Most of the married women and men I have counseled whose my counseling saved their marriages told me that my counseling has made impact on them more than most of the counseling they received from married people.

I smiled and told them that God made it so.

I write articles and counsel people at no cost.

I once prayed to God to help me discover myself where I can help people at no cost and he gave me this gift.

You too can discover yourself more and use God’s given ability and wisdom to make potent impact on the lives of people by putting smiles on their faces.

I have received many calls and messages from some of those who read my articles on relationship, marriage and family and find them interesting that I should write a book so that they will buy.

My decision to write a book is as a result of their persuasion.

I told them that I will take three (3) years to work on the book if it must meet international standard and make the desired impact.

I have read many books with good concept but poorly transmitted because the authors were in a hurry to publish.

I don’t want to be in the hurry-to-publish category.

So I am taking my my time.

I am working on my book titled:

“How To Develop Healthy Relationship, Marriage, Family and Promote Unity in Our Society”

The book will be published in 2022 and laughed the same year in Abuja, Nigeria.

The reasons to publish it at that time are: I will be getting married in 2021 and will publish it the following year.

I want the book to be sold internationally so between now and that time, I will be able to put it at the level that can be accepted internationally.