Top 10 Ways to Get Fit in the Gym FAST

Top 10 Ways to Get Fit in the Gym FAST

Looking for ways to get fit in the gym fast? Do you ever notice how the majority of people in a gym aren’t really doing anything? Some of leisurely strolling on the treadmill reading a book.

Others just seem to be there to chat – while blocking the machines! Some just seem to be on their phone – all the time!

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Here’s how to get the most out of the gym!

  1.  Get through the door! The hardest part of going to gym is actually just getting through the door! No matter what excuses you come up with – just go! Make a commitment to going three days a week (or more)! Make a commitment and stick to it!
  2. Always warm up with some light cardio to get the blood flowing!
  3. Try doing less if it works for you! you don’t have to do three sets (unless you want to) – just do one sets of more reps – enough to tire the muscles! If your workout isn’t tedious – you’re more likely to do it more often!
  4. Limit yourself to 6-9 machines and 20-30 minutes. Don’t rest between machines. Use machines when first starting out – they’re there because they help your muscles learn. Use free weights later on!
  5. Always rotate among upper body, core and legs
  6. Work your major muscle groups. Arms get worked out when doing chest, back and shoulder exercises. The slower you move the weights – the better! Go eve slower on the negative!
  7. Get onto the elliptical for 10-20 mins and then try switching to the treadmill for an additional 5-20. Go fast enough to sweat. Stretch!
  8. Reward yourself with time in the pool, steam room or sauna!
  9. When you aren’t at the gym – eat properly. More vegetables and fruit – and less dense foods – especially though high in fat! Don’t do protein bars.
  10. On your off days – make sure you do something else. Work in the garden, take the stairs. Walk somewhere!

Ways to Get Fit in the GymJust remember to be patient with yourself! Add weights slowly! Be persistent!

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Many people find it easier to workout if they have a workout buddy

Keep a positive mental attitude!

Vary your routine!

Breathe! Stretch! And drink plenty of water!