Tips For Motivating Yourself To Go To Gym

Tips For Motivating Yourself To Go To Gym

Are you looking for tips for motivating yourself to go to gym? So you’ve joined the gym. But you haven’t been yet – although your bank account shows you have a gym membership! Often it’s easier to sign up than to actually go to gym!

You fool your mind into making excuses – and guilt sets in every time you see your gym card!

How do you motivate yourself to go to gym!?

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Read these tips and maybe it can help!

  1. The prospect of going to gym can be intimidating – so break it into smaller steps… put on your gym gear – or pack your gym bag – and make an effort to get to the gym… once you’re there – it’s easier to convince yourself to just do a small gym session… then push yourself a little more the next time!
  2. Set up rewards for yourself. Not bad ones that override the good you’re getting from gym!
  3. Consider the costs of not going to gym! Every month you don’t go and you pay for the gym – you are wasting money! What about those new gym shoes, and clothes!
  4. Maybe trying on clothes that you used to fit into – or would like to fit into can motivate you to go to gym! Decide what you want to look like and focus on yourself looking like that!
  5. Buy yourself new gym gear! Buy stuff you’ll feel comfortable wearing and that you feel good in!
  6. Be realistic about how often you can go. So you can’t make it 5 times a week – don’t punish yourself about it! Make place in your schedule for gym – but it doesn’t have to control you! If you are sick – don’t go to gym!
  7. Set clear objectives for yourself! Set minimum goals!
  8. Get a gym buddy! Often going with a friend will help motivate each other!
  9. Change your routine! If you’re getting bored at gym – change your routine! Challenge yourself!
  10. Don’t blame the gym and it’s sales gimmicks for making you sign up and not go! Go to gym to be a healthier you!