The Intricacies Of The Call For Oshiomhole’s Removal By Amaechi’s Allies

The Intricacies Of The Call For Oshiomhole’s Removal By Amaechi’s Allies

By Alex Donald Ekuh-deezua

A Moralistic Rebuke And Caveat. By Erudite Hon. Barr. Worgu Boms.

When you see people stand truth on its head because of the moment, don’t worry yourself. I’m talking to all of us including myself. I repeat, don’t worry yourself. It is a matter of time.

Even now, we deceive ourselves in thinking the public does not know anything. How self-deceiving!

Just remember how many decades past before the lie about June 12th was buried in the Law that gave life to the truth about June 12th and you won’t stress yourself with people whose merchandise is lies and hatred for truth.

Ultimately, lies do not win. ULTIMATELY!

I had not even signed off on my reflections on the nature of truth and that it was a matter of time, truth will take its place, when events started justifying and vindicating my position!

Read Kingsley Wali’s statement again about someone that must be held responsible and please remain calm and watch.

It was the same Kingsley Wali, remember, who first started wearing TDC fez cap.

It was the same Kingsley Wali, with Leyi Kwani, who called a Press Conference, “urging” Tonye Cole to run for the governorship of Rivers under our APC Rivers.

It is the same Kingsley Wali now, under an inchoate Unity House, that is calling for Oshiomhole to go after he agreed on Indirectly Primaries against his original stance on Direct Primaries for Rivers!

I have been saying many things about APC Rivers State, but one that I remember now, just now, is the one that I told us that for some, it would take 40 years, the same year it took the Israelites to wander in the wilderness, for them to know that all they have been involved in was just political conartistry!

I still stand by that statement

“Truth remains the highest moral defense under whatever circumstance ”

Since truth will divide us as APC Rivers, according as some persons insist, what then will unites us?

Everyone must disgracefully lose their position and their job, then and only then can APC Rivers win elections!

“Ghesila Khan must go”

“IGP Arase will soon retire, when he does, we will begin to win”

“Ikowak must go ”

“Obong Effanga must go ”

“CJN Onnoghen must go. He must be removed ”

“INEC Chairman is Governor Wike’s subordinate, that is why APC Rivers was not on the ballot”. (soon, he too must go)

“Wike is no longer Complaining about the police.” (Soon, police too must go)

“INEC staff were arrested and shown on TV withdrawing cash”. (Any withdrawal in bank is automatic evidence of corruption)
Soon, INEC staffs too must go

“All the EOs including Peter Mende must go ”

“Now, Adam must go”!

Even, we must that nearly, it was also

“The Judiciary must go” and why not?

“The state Judiciary has no jurisdiction over APC because APC is a National something ”

“The Judges won’t allow out lawyer to talk ”

“That was why Fagbemi withdrew from the matter ”

“In fact, my lawyer said I shouldn’t be talking ”

Anyone who is sincere should equally be sincerely worried by this approach. I am!

Oshiomhole originally and initially pronounced that for Rivers state, it would be Direct Primaries, where all of us would vote to decide who flies our flag.

Some, fearing the outcome, moved Oshiomhole to do a complete U-turn: Indirect was decided for Rivers and Adams saw to it that it was so.

Adams approved the lawyer that the Minister wanted and ensured he was rebriefed after he was initially dropped.

Adams gave the flag to Tonye Cole, the Minister’s choice candidate, in Akwa Ibom.

Adams joined them in genuine public lamentation against the Supreme Court Judgment when the news filtered in at the stadium in Rivers State.

Adams cooperated, till this day with the minister in that, although Victor Giadom ought to have stepped aside, he is still there in serious collaboration with Adams, that Victor, Amaechi’s appointee, never resigned!

The only thing Adams didn’t do for the minister was to make Tonye Cole Governor, that was what Adams couldn’t do: return Cole as duly elected!

All Adams gets in return, after all these, is a campaign from the Minister’s house, that Adams must go!

Many are surprised but am not!

When we make our response to what will be said about us when that book is published, what we will say will make you understand why this attitude to Adams shouldn’t surprise you, anyone!

If any group in Rivers APC will join the Adams must go campaign, it ought to be the Magnus group for understandable reasons, but thank God, we don’t see things that way.

How we see things is for another day.

Very soon, if the move to oust Adams becomes unpopular or fails, K-man will be “Andrewed”!

They would say he was speaking for himself.

For me, whether Adams stays or not, one advice to APC especially APC Rivers is to “Make efforts to match myth with reality “.