Step by Step Guide to Starting Your Podcast Today

Step by Step Guide to Starting Your Podcast TodayPhoto & Content Credit: Joy Eneghalu‎

Have you decided to start a podcast and maybe you are thinking ‘Oh, this is too hard’ or maybe you are thinking ‘I’m not techy’.

Starting a podcast doesn’t need the brain of Albert Einstein neither does it it need the strength of Mohammed Ali.

Keep reading below to follow the step by step guide to starting your podcast today.

1) Decide what your podcast will be about.

There are podcasts on different topics – family, health, sports, business, sales, marketing, motherhood, kids, travel, entrepreneurship, employment, motivation and so much more.

Be clear about what you want to discuss.

2) Determine the name of your podcast.

The name of your podcast shouldn’t be too ambiguous.

It should explain itself easily.

You can go with your name (a lot of people do this).

For example:

The Joy Eneghalu Show,

The Gary Vee Audio Experience,

The Tim Ferris Show.

Another way to name your podcast is by using what the podcast is about.

For example:

The Marketing School Podcast,

The Emerge Podcast,

The Real Estate Podcast,

The Push Podcast etc

3) Decide the format of your podcast.

There are various podcast formats.

There is the solo format (This has to do with you doing the talking alone).

There is the interview format (This has to do with you interviewing a guest on your podcast)

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There is the panel format (This has to do with more than two people discussing a particular topic).

I will share more on these in later posts.

4) Depending on the kind of podcast you are creating, you’ll need a theme sound.

There are different kinds of sound but you need to find one that suits your podcast.

Some popular genre of sounds are motivation, epic, jazz etc.

Make sure you have the right to use the sound.

You can download free sounds or buy from

You can also buy or download from free stock audio websites like,,,

5) Now that you know your podcast genre, name and format.

You can now produce your audio!

There are various tools you can use to record your podcast.

You can also use your mobile phone.

But then, depending on the kind of mobile device you use, the production may or may not be clear.

I totally recommend using a tool called Audacity.

It is simple to learn and you may not need all the buttons/features on the tool. It is great for recording and editing your podcast.

6) Next step is to design your cover art.

This can be done easily using Canva.

For ease, you can use the Instagram size template.

It fits well.

You will have a major cover art that will be seen when anyone lands on your podcast channel.

Then you will design series of cover arts for every episode you release.

Your episodic cover art should be consistent, simple and attractive.

7) Now that you have designed your cover art, next step is to host your podcast.

You can host your podcast on SoundCloud.

It is free and easy to use.

8) Now you can shout it so loud so everyone knows you have started a podcast.

Go on social media and tell people to go and listen.

Important to note:

  • 12 podcast episodes make up a season. You can always spice things up per season.
  • You can schedule your podcast ahead so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • You can also decide how to release your podcast. Once per week, everyday etc. This depends on you.

Now that you have this simple guide to starting your podcast. What name comes to mind as the name of your podcast?