Small Business – Big Strategies – Big Social Media by Solomon Evarist‎

Small Business – Big Strategies – Big Social Media by Solomon Evarist‎Photo Credit: Solomon Evarist‎

Some persons are moving ventures and companies.

Some small businesses are prospective Big Corporations.

Some Artisans are moving Big Service Provision Companies.

Some unemployed persons are sleeping entrepreneurs.

You need to wake up the business in you and become part of the success in our economy.

When you start up a small business and you desire to scale for more customer awareness and profit, you need to apply strategies that will match your business vision.

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You should pay attention to what big businesses in your niche are doing.

Expecially in the areas of branding, advertisement, customer acquisition and retention.

Some of these Big business strategies may look expensive, but have a sizeable budget for small business application.

Your strategies as a small business owner should be focused on

  • Creating niche focused products.
  • Delighting your customers.
  • Effective inbound sales Approach.
  • Leveraging on technology.

The Internet as a massive tool, allows the world to communicate endlessly. It has changed the small business paradigm.

By supporting small businesses to reach out to customers and carryout transactions over the internet.

The Internet provides affordable and flexible platforms to scale small businesses.

This is not a hidden secret, but one that is ignored by alot of small business owners.

The existence of Social media platforms has become a huge blessing to the business world.

No surprise why big businesses are leveraging on them.

Social media is simply the new PEOPLE WORLD.

And to business owners, where there are people, there are consumers.


As a small business owner, you have an advantage with social media platforms to increase your business size and compete with the big firms.

You can show Elephant size and Lion Strenght to mark your business territory and take your share of the market.

You can easily Learn to open an online business shop for your business on Facebook and Instagram for free.

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You can link both platforms together and promote one business for each platform’s respective customers space.

If you already have a facebook page,

Create a page on Instagram and link the page to your Facebook page.

If you have none, you can create both pages from Instagram.

Social media is big and is open to small businesses.

You just need to learn how to use it or make it work for your business.

As a small business owner, you can apply BIG business strategies and Leverage on the BIG social media space to scale.