Singer Omawumi reveals what she does before going on stage

Singer Omawumi reveals what she does before going on stage

Singer Omawumi reveals what she does before going on stage – Star performer, Omawumi, has given a knowledge into a portion of the exceptional things she does before going in front of an audience to perform.The Itsekiri-born performer, who break into spotlight through West African Idols in 2007, uncovered that not at all like some others that would take a wide range of substances before every execution, she typically spent time with God before going in front of an audience.

As indicated by the law graduate of Ambrose Ali University, Edo State, the procedure is her very own unique custom & it has worked like supernatural power for her throughout the years.

She stated,“The rituals I perform before going on stage include prayers. I pray to God before every performance. It is a ritual I have carried out over the years and is working for me.”

“I do not think entertainers should rely on anything, especially negative things before a performance because they could become dependent on such and the day those things are not available, it will affect their performance.”

“People have indeed tried to cajole me into taking some substances before performing on stage but I politely turn such persons down.”

Talking additionally, the artist, who pushed for ladies to be saddled with more duties in the general public, urged youngsters to completely take part in the general poll through the practicing of their rights by voting in favor of honest aspirants.

As indicated by her, it is the main way youngsters can have the Nigeria that they long for.

Uncovering that being famous hasn’t changed that basic piece of her, Omawumi said that to the shock of numerous individuals, she takes motorcycles if the event requests that she does such.

“I still take Okada (commercial motorcycles) and Keke (commercial tricycles) if the occasion demands that I do so. That is how simple I am.”

“Even though people may feel that as a celebrity I should not be doing that, I feel being a star mustn’t stop me from living a normal life.”

“I have never been one to be pressured by the fad. I do not easily conform to certain expectations, I live my life based on what I am convinced is the right thing to do at every point in time.”

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