How To Sign Documents on Your Phone

How To Sign Documents on Your Phone

Looking for how to sign documents on your phone? We want to show you step by step guide to signing your documents on your mobile phone.

Please, note that the type of phone you have will determine the effectiveness of this training.

While some got our last training on adding your personal link to every SMS you send from your phone, some were unable to set it because of the type of their phones.

For today, we will be using WPS Office Document App. If you don’t have it, you can download from play store.

It is possible for other apps to be able to do this but we’re using WPS.

Step 1:
Launch your WPS App on your phone to type your new documents, use saved documents or PDF documents.

If your document is saved, you need to click on edit at top left of your screen to put your document in edit mode.

Note: if your document is PDF, you don’t need to click edit, but go to annotation

Step 2:
Click on first tool bar icon at the bottom left and see the following:
File, Insert, View, Review and swipe to left to see Pen.

Note if your document is PDF, you will see pen under annotation.

Step 3:

Click pen after which you should see use finger. Turn on the use finger button.

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Note: if your document is PDF, you will see pen under annotation.

Step 4:
You will see three icons directly under use finger which are;
Tiny pen, Tick pen and Eraser. Click on either tiny or tick pen.

Step 5:
You should choose colour of your choice from all available options. Orange/red/yellow, blue/black etc

Step 6:
Go to where you should sign and use your finger to sign on your document.

You can zoom your document before signing for your convenience.

You can correct your signature if you’re not comfortable with first attempt. To do this, go to where you picked pen and pick eraser to clean, the you can pick pen and sign again.

If you have more than one person to sign, the person may need to start over the process or just sign directly as the pen is still active except there is option of colour.

Step 7:
Click on save on your phone. You can print or send via e-mail, WhatsApp or any other means of communication.

If you’re signing more than one documents, go over the process again and select the next document to be signed.

With this, you can complete your task from anywhere provided the person to sign understands the usage.

Keep adding value, there is always a better you.


Written by Abayomi Olusanu‎