Sen. Akume and Gov. Ortom: Posers for Nathaniel Ikyur

Sen. Akume and Gov. Ortom: Posers for Nathaniel Ikyur

By Terna Doki

Nathaniel Ikyur, My elder brother Naths and senior colleague, I read this piece and I was impressed with your sense of Benue’s political history and ability to interpret the state’s political space.

I appreciate you, brother!

But I have a few questions! First is that, if this piece is meant to pacify political gladiators in Benue, in truth would say, this aim has been achieved by running one man down – Sen. Akume in the manner you have brazenly done now?

A lot of people would read this piece and clap for you because you seem to be defending a Governor who rose from ashes to grace.

And in a pride I can’t place anywhere in decency, you wrote that when Gov. Ortom was Guma council chairman in 1991, Sen Akume was an ‘ordinary’ Permenant secretary in the state civil service.

Granted that a Perm Sec was surbordinate to a council chairman, but both needed themselves to get things running. And I know even at that time, Akume was Ortom’s senior.

You confessed that Akume had administered two LGCs as Sole Administrator. Haba! How else is seniority established?

If you doubt, tell me today that Ortom’s ‘appointed’ council chairpersons, whom he has just sacked without benefits are higher than the Perm Sec. Bureau for LG & Chieftaincy Affairs.

Naths, what you forgot to tell us in this enticing analysis is that Hon. Ortom as Guma council boss, ran that LGA on propaganda, the same way we have allowed him to dubiously run Benue state as Governor.

So, I ask, Naths, let me pretend to agree with you that Sen. Akume is such a thoroughly bad leader. But his days are gone!

We now have Gov. Ortom as Benue’s leader. Ask yourself sincerely how Ortom is trying to avoid pitfalls of his political mentor? I am now referring to Sen. Akume!

How both were united in political brigandry, I don’t know and I don’t wish to know.

What I I know is that Sen. Akume as Governor decamped Ortom from APP into PDP. Akume dislodged Hon. Mike Adyo as PDP State secretary for Ortom to take that seat

Ortom sprawled on the floor flat, at Aminu Isa Kontagora Arts theatre, pledging total allegiance to Akume, the same way he did when he claimed to have dedicated Benue to God at IBB Square.

Then I was a reporter for a national newspaper in Benue and I saw Ortom in this posture myself.

My senior colleague, had you not left out these sensitive angles deliberately or out of spite, I would have respected you forever.