Security Tips on How To Protect Your Home and Family

Security Tips on How To Protect Your Home and Family

Last month, one of our employees moved into a new home and there was a bit of excitement in the neighbourhood.

A serial burglar in the neighbourhood was apprehended while trying to break into a home at around 1:00 am.

Before the man was handed over to the police, many residents went to his home and got back their stolen items.

Our employee’s neighbour got back his gas cylinder 12.5g.

On hearing about the incident, our team at Hynaija went to the man that apprehended the burglar to get to know how he did it.

We met him and are glad to share with you, the security tips he shared with us.

Remember, burglaries can happen anywhere. No area is immune.

Below are some of the tips he shared with us.

Many are common sense and easily accomplished.

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Others provide ideas a bit more unconventional and beyond those typically seen.

How To Protect Your Nigeria Home And Family

  • Motion detector lights: Motion detector lights are one of the best security lights because the light is burglar’s enemy. Change all your exterior lights to those with motion directors.
  • Tell your neighbours about these motion detector lights you have installed. That way, if you are away and they see lights activated, they are on alert for suspicious activities taking place on your property.
  • Install security cameras. Security cameras are good and help investigators get pictures of who broke into your home.
  • Use on/off light timers: When away, use on/off light timers to simulate movement from room to room. You can always search for these lights and timers on the internet.
  • Don’t talk about your vacation plans in restaurants, salons, etc… or ONLINE
  • Don’t post vacation pictures online until you are back from vacation
  • When your kids come home late at night, have them follow a lock-up/security routine. Let there be a particular way they could knock on your door to identify them as yours
  • Shred documents before you recycle or throw them in the garbage.
  • If you receive high-value gifts or equipment, ensure you breakdown the boxes. Boxes of this nature placed where it’s seen by all are like an advertisement to burglars
  • Buy a fireproof safety lock-box. Store your documents, a detailed inventory, passports, etc in the box. Store the box in your basement where it’s less likely to be found and heat is less in case of fire.
  • Place simple rubber door-jambs at entry doors at night
  • If you have a wall air-conditioned unit, secure it to disable it being used for entry
  • Get to know your neighbours and establish a relationship with them. Watch out for one another

Hopefully, you never experience a burglary. By implementing and practicing the above, and other steps of protection, you certainly lower the possibility of it.

Be aware … and take care …