Questions you Should Ask When Purchasing Motion Detectors

Questions you Should Ask When Purchasing Motion Detectors

Investing in a sound security system for your home can be a wise step towards enhancing the safety of your property and loved ones.

Using motion detectors in the home can help to protect your valuables and deter pests and criminals from breaking in and stealing or destroying your possessions.

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Motion detectors provide unique solutions that will help you live smarter while protecting your home from any potential threats.

They are designed to switch on automatically when they sense any movement near your property.

They will alert you of possible intrusion and scare the intruder away.

What to Consider When Purchasing Motion Detectors

When shopping for motion detectors, the options are endless.

Depending on your budget, you can find one that will suit your lifestyle.

Here are some of the features to consider when purchasing motion detectors for your home:

The Type of Light

Most of the outdoor motion detectors use LED lighting to help save on energy and reduce chances of fire break out that may be caused by high heat emissions.

LED lights are low voltage, and can be brighter or dimmer according to your preference.

The regular bulbs use more electricity and heat up when they are left on for a long time.

The Motion Sensor Range

Motion sensors can be installed at your own preferred range.

You can decide to use them for sensing things in the distance or at a shorter range and narrow detection angles for the things near the doorway.

To scare off intruders, you will use floodlights with a 70ft range and a broader detection.

The Luminance

Motion sensor lights vary in brightness.

The luminance levels of the lights will show you how bright they are. LED lights vary from 42 lumens to 3.400 lumens, which offer very bright lights.

The brighter they are, the easier to see the intruders and pests and scare them away.

The Source of Power

Battery-powered motion detectors are easy to install since there is no hard wiring needed.

Those detectors very bright lights will require hard wiring around the property.

Therefore it will be up to you to choose what you consider best for you.

While shopping for motion sensors, you can use these questions to guide your buying decisions:

How Do Motion Detectors Operate?

Motion detectors can sense the presence of an intruder inside your home or anywhere near the property.

They rely on technology to sense any motion within a given range where the sensors are installed.

When an intruder trips the detector, the lights will flood and illuminate anything or anyone in that vicinity.

There are different varieties of motion detectors that sense motion.

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Where in My Home Should I Install Motion Detectors?

Motion detectors can be installed inside and outside the house.

Those installed outdoors should be positioned in the areas that lead to the driveways, front and book doors, and windows.

They can also be installed on the stairways, near the pool, decks, and patios. These positions will sense when someone approaches and trigger the alarm while turning on the lights.

Do Motion Detectors Require Cleaning?

Motion detector lights have to be cleaned regularly to be able to detect movements within their range.

Are Motion Detectors Affected by Power Outages?

Power surges and power interruptions can flip the circuit breakers or light switches and cause the motion detectors to remain on or off throughout.

This can be rectified by resetting the lights.

Turn off the power supply for 30 seconds while ensuring there is no movement around and turn it back on. Test to see if everything is back in order. If you do this, when there is motion, they will not reset.

Can Motion Detectors Work in the Dark?

Motion detectors work in the dark. Their detection capabilities do not depend on light or darkness.

When a person walks within their range, the motion detectors will detect their infrared energy and alert you.

They have enhanced night visions, sharp audio, and quality video capabilities.

Do I Need Wi-Fi Connection to Activate the Camera/Video?

The motion detector cameras or video need a Wi-Fi connection in order to operate.


You can purchase motion detectors for your property depending on your budget and lifestyle.

Installing motion detectors is an easy task that takes little time before you enjoy their benefits.

Many options are available in the market, and you have to take time to review them and find one that will suit the safety requirements of your property.