Public Holidays in Nigeria in 2019 & 2020

Public Holidays in Nigeria in 2019 & 2020

What are the public holidays in Nigeria for 2019 & 2020? Holidays are part of every society and Nigeria is not exempted.

It’s a time when everyone just takes a break out of all their busy schedules to relax and unwind.

Most of these holidays are to commemorate a special day in the annals of Nigeria’s history, while some are meant for the two most predominant religions in the country – Christianity, and Islam to mark certain special days in the history of their religion when major events that defined the course of their worship took place.

Whichever is the case, Nigerians like to seize the opportunity to spend time with family and friends at home or at a leisure place.

Some special days are also set aside to mark certain historical dates in various states across the country but they don’t require the entire country to sit at home and shun work activities like the Sambisa Memorial Day in Borno State which is day to set aside to remember the over 200 girls abducted in Chibok, Borno State by Boko Haram Insurgents.

There is the armed forces remembrance day which usually holds in January 14th of every year but does not involve the
general public.

In 2018 & 2019, a total of about 14 public holidays will be observed in Nigeria.

List of Holidays & Observances in Nigeria this year

DateDay of the Week 2019NameHoliday Type
1 JanuaryTuesdayNew Year's DayNational Holiday
22 FebruaryFridayPublic Holiday for Nigerian ElectionsNational Holiday
19 AprilFridayGood FridayNational Holiday
22 AprilMondayEaster MondayNational Holiday
1 MayWednesdayWorkers' DayNational Holiday
27 MayMondayChildren's DayObservance
29 MayWednesdayPresidential Inauguration DayNational Holiday
4 JuneTuesdayId el FitriNational Holiday
5 JuneWednesdayId el Fitr HolidayNational Holiday
12 JuneWednesdayDemocracy DayNational Holiday
12 AugustMondayId el KabirNational Holiday
1 OctoberTuesdayIndependence DayNational Holiday
10 NovemberSundayId el MauludNational Holiday
25 DecemberWednesdayChristmas DayNational Holiday
26 DecemberThursdayBoxing DayNational Holiday

Which days are public holidays in Nigeria for 2019 & 2020?

New Year’s Day (1st January 2020)

Public Holidays in NigeriaThis is like a culture in almost every clime in the world to observe the first day of every year as a public holiday.

In Nigeria, it is on the 1st of January 2019 and 2020 which happens to be on Tuesday.

If by chance, this day falls on a weekend or Sunday, then the following Monday will be declared as a public holiday, the same goes for every other public holiday you will find in this list.

Good Friday (19th April 2020)

Public Holidays in Nigeria 2019This holiday is been observed by the Christian community in Nigeria to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ.

It is observed two days prior to Easter Sunday where it is believed that Jesus Christ resurrected and ascended to heaven after spending two days in the grave.

Easter Monday (22th April 2020)

national public holidays in nigeriaThe Christians are being given the following Monday after Easter Sunday as a holiday to celebrate the resurrection of their savior Jesus Christ.

It is a work-free day and Christians take the time to relax and dine.

Workers Day (1st May 2020)

public holidays in 2019On this day, workers are being granted a day off across the country to rest and celebrate their selves.

It is mostly observed by government workers as some private sectors might still ask their staff to report for duty.

Children’s Day (27th May 2020)

public holidays in nigeriaThis day is being set aside nationally to celebrate the children who are seen as the future leaders of the country.

Children are not allowed to go to school on this day, instead, they are taken to stadiums in their respective states where they engage in match-past and other activities to celebrate the day.

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The governors of each state are usually present to receive salutations from the children during the parades.

Some other schools might shun the parade and take the children out to fun places for them to enjoy their day.

Eid Al Fitr (5th June 2020)

This holiday popularly known as “Salah” is observed by Muslims across the world and in Nigeria.

The Ramadan fast begins on the 6th of May and will elapse on the 4th of June spanning through a period of 30 days.

After the fast ends on the 4th of June, the Muslims then take the next day which is 5th June to celebrate properly and feast on rams.

Democracy Day (12th June 2020)

Public Holidays in Nigeria 2019On the 29th of May, 1999 Nigeria embraced democracy when it transited from the defunct military regime to civilian rule.

Ever since, the 29th of May each year is been observed as a public holiday across the country, but last year, the federal government of Nigeria led by President Muhammad Buhari through a bill passed to the Federal House of Representatives declared June 12 as the new Democracy Day to mark the day when the most free and fair election in Nigeria was annulled by Gen.

Babangida and the acclaimed Winner M.K.O Abiola imprisoned afterward.

Eid El Kabir (12th August 2020)

Eid El KabirThis is another Islamic festival to mark the faith and obedience Ibrahim (Abraham) displayed when Allah (God) asked him to sacrifice his son Ishmael.

Independence Day (1st October 2020)

Independence DayIn the year 1960, Nigeria gained independence from Great Britain and was allowed to engage in self-rule.

Every first day of October each year is reserved to celebrate Nigeria’s independence amidst scintillating displays and parades from men of the armed forces, school students and corps members at the famous eagle’s square in Abuja, the nation’s seat of power, similar parade and displays by the military is also held in all states of the federation.

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It’s a public holiday for everyone whether public or private sector.

Eid El Maulud (10th November, 2020)

Eid El MauludThis is the last for the year in the Islamic festivities of Muslims in Nigeria.

It will be held on Sunday 10th November 2020.

Christmas Day (25th December 2020)

Christmas Day 2019This is one of the most celebrated Christian festivals around the world and Nigerians join the rest of the world to mark this day when Jesus Christ was born.

The holiday is so special and influential, from the build-up to the D-day, you can almost feel it in the air as the fever sweeps
everyone into some heightened level of ecstasy in anticipation.

It literary leaves the streets of major cities in Nigeria empty as everyone shuts down their businesses and movements to be
with family and friends in recreational spots after some might finished with a Christmas service in their various churches.

It’s almost like a taboo to be seen going to work on a Christmas day here in Nigeria.

Boxing Day (26th December 2020)

Public HolidaysThe following day after the Christmas holiday is known as Boxing Day and is also declared a public holiday.

It’s the day when gifts gotten from the Christmas celebrations are unwrapped.

It is also a sequel to celebrations akin to the Christmas day where people who haven’t had enough yet of the Christmas can continue to unwind or rest at home.

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