Protest In Abuja Over ‘Illegal’ Arrests of Women

Protest In Abuja Over ‘Illegal’ Arrests of Women

There was protest in Abjua by residents who called for an end to the unlawful arrest of women in the country’s capital.

This is following recent arrest of women by Nigerain police.

Some of the arrested women in night clubs were detained and allegedly sexually harassed by polic eofficers.

The stormed Eagle Square to express their displeasure over the illicit act of the police.

They wore black shirts and bearing placards with various inscriptions such as:

“Sex for bail is rape”, “It’s her today, it could be me tomorrow”, “To be a woman is not a crime”, “Women’s rights are human rights”, “Don’t rape us, protect us” among others.

They chorused while marching to the building of the Federal Capital Territory Authority (FCTA)