Prof. Sagay Call Out Galadima Over His View On Militarization In The Rivers State Election

Prof. Sagay Call Out Galadima Over His View On Militarization In The Rivers State Election

The Chairman of the President Advisory Committee Against Corruption, Itse Sagay, in his reaction to the involvement of military in Rivers State governorship election stated that their involvement saved the people of the state from bloodbath.

Prof. Sagay made this claim while reacting to the statement by Buba Galadima on the militarization of the elections in Rivers State.

Sagay in his view stated that the elections in the state would have been difficult if not for the involvement of the military.

“Sincerely, I don’t seem to understand what befell Buba Galadima at his old age that made him to continually talk recklessly and becoming irresponsible. You know it is a shame that he has become totally irresponsible and indiscipline in his language. It is very sad. I don’t know what he lost or didn’t get in APC that affected him mentally that he is talking childishly and embarrassingly.”

“What Galadima said is pure nonsense. Militarisation of the election, was it the military that was voting? The military didn’t stop anybody from going to vote. So what does he mean by militarisation? I wish he could go to Rivers State to vote without the military, and see if he would come back alive.”

“The military saved us from bloodshed, especially in Rivers and Akwa-Ibom where no election has ever been free. Rivers particularly, they always write results. In 2015, Governor Nysome Wike’s result was just written by hand.”

“The card reader read total votes cast as 229,000, and Wike claimed to have 1.2 million votes. There has never been an election in that place and if the military had not been involved, there would be no election. So, without the military in many parts of this country like Zamfara and most parts of the North-East and volatile areas, there would be no election.”

“Let us be grateful to the military and thank them because if we annoy them and they withdraw, the bloodshed in our elections will cause a civil war. So, let Galadima stop talking nonsense, let him respect himself, withdraw from the public and just disappear.”