President Buhari deserves re-election – Yuguda

President Buhari deserves re-election – Yuguda

The previous legislative leader of Bauchi state and ex-minister of aviation, Alhaji Isa Yuguda, has said President Muhammadu Buhari is entitled to re-appointment in the anticipated general poll due to his accomplishment in the power segment.

Yuguda, who as of late moved to the ruling All Progressives Congress, made the statement in a meeting with Leadership, which was distributed on Monday, December 24.

He stated that the power quantity has enhanced so much that he could continue his flour process trade in Bauchi.

He stated: “I believe he has done very well in terms of power. Power supply has improved so much that I can restart my flour mill business in Bauchi, because I could not sustain it with diesel. I believe many other industries are also powering back to life and breaking even or making profits.”

Yuguda likewise said Boko Haram had been devastated by the national government, saying the fear based association isn’t as furious as it used to be in 2015.

He stated: “Government has done well in decimating Boko Haram even though the war is still on. At least, we know it’s not as fierce and deadly as it used to be in 2015 when this government took over.”

“Also I’m very impressed with the efforts in agriculture, especially rice production. The temporary pains are essential to secure the future generations that we will not import rice. Besides, we’ ll be able to feed ourselves and not subject ourselves to external uncertainties.”

“Then we are creating employment, and making savings from reducing rice imports while empowering our local farmers with more income. I am equally impressed with the efforts of the Minister of the FCT, unlike others before him who focused on allocating land. Abuja is now like a city. All the adjoining districts are now well connected to the city centre and the city roads tarred.”

Handling inquiry on the regions President Buhari can accomplish more to serve the desires of Nigerians, Yuguda stated: “I think the public service needs a shake up. I will like to see SERVICOM rejuvenated to ensure better civil service delivery.”

“There is need to train and retrain civil servants so that ethics and culture of proper civil service do not disappear, especially as it appears there is no serious attention to capacity building. Government should also try and improve the welfare of public servants. They are the engine room of government and should be well catered for so that they don’t look the other way and be cutting corners.”

“They need not become like contractors doing business with government but should be appreciated enough to face their core duties. That cannot be achieved without remunerating them properly. Another area that needs special attention is improvement in healthcare delivery at the state and federal levels.”