How To Prepare For Your NYSC Camp (Prospective Otondos)

How To Prepare For Your NYSC Camp (Prospective Otondos)

How To Prepare For Your NYSC Camp (Prospective Otondos) – Hey guys! Hehe, I don’t know if you are you feeling enthusiastic or if you feel like slapping the living daylight out of whoever it is that was in charge of NYSC posting.

They did me big Wayo and carried me to Kaduna! You nko?

I have friends that are on their way to Kano, Sokoto etc.

And their faces are mutinous! if you know what I mean.

And you that got the state you wanted, issokay! No need to shine too many teeth.

So how do we cope with this?

And make the best of the camp experience so it doesn’t totally become miserable for us.

How To Prepare For Your NYSC Camp


Accept and Deal!

The truth of the matter is there’s nothing you can do about the issue.

Even if na redeployment sure passes, you shall still do the three weeks orientation camp.

Better accept and Deal! Deal with it, there are people going to Nasarawa!

Wahs now your own agitation? (Sorry if you are going there).

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Travel With Same NYSC Circle

Find people you know that are going to the same camp as you.

Believe me, it will reduce the anger because no be only you go waka go.

You guys should move together.

The journey will be bearable, not to mention that it’s safer.


As far as I know, this a very important thing.

Establish your mode of transport, is it by road or air?

It’s you that know how your pocket is.

I’d advice you just book a round trip.

If your stay has to be extended for whatever reason, you can call your carrier and suspend the ticket.

Stop frowning, it’s doable.

In your call up letter, you were asked to come to camp with your notification of result, school Id card, and 8 passport photographs, just go with 10, your green card and your call up letter of course.

Do you know you have to make copies abi?

Buy disinfectant, let me not do any brand endorsement.

In case the water at the camp isn’t on point.

If you like to forget tooth paste and toothbrush.

You will Buy at triple the price ni.

Your pens, stapler, gum, and others.

Keep your eyes peeled in camp.

You are not going there to stand under the sun for nothing.

If you are joining any group or club or forum, think it through.

You never can tell, you were active in camp might influence your place of primary assignment.


I could have added this under prepare but I won’t!

In the first week of camp, you’ll be given 1000N, in the second week, 1500N and the third week 19,800N.

It’s up to you to decide how much extra you’ll take.

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Communication Skills

I’m sort of a social snub.

I’d prefer to stay at my computer all day if you let me.

If you are like me, honestly at least for the three weeks, you need to make friends, have fun and meet people!

Remember to check back for amazing corper stories (If you are going to camp too and you have amazing stuff to share, send a mail to [email protected] I’m sure we can find a space for you!) Cheers! Hit the share button!!! Eshey