PDP Won’t Return To Aso Rock, Osinbajo Declare

PDP Won’t Return To Aso Rock, Osinbajo Declare

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo pledged that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) won’t be permitted to come back to control once more. Mr Osinbajo made the pledge on Saturday in Lagos while talking at the introduction of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Door-To-Door-Campaign flag off of the Professor Yemi Osinbajo (PYO) Support Group.

He said his boss, Muhammadu Buhari, who looks for a 2nd term in office won’t raid the assets of the nation, as this is the diverse between the president & other presidential candidates.

“Following sixteen years of guaranteeing that the nation did not move forward, they want to return. They will never return again. We are gaining ground and we will keep on gaining ground. We are moving to the next dimension, Osinbajo said alluding to the PDP which represented the nation since the arrival to majority government rule in 1999.

“The PDP effort to rule for 60 years was hindered by the APC who won the 2015 presidential race.”

“Our real issue in Nigeria is corruption; it’s not plans. There are such a significant number of plans. In the event that you permits the assets of the nation to be stolen, no arrangement can work. The difference between Muhammadu Buhari & some other president is that he won’t embezzle and he won’t permit embezzling, the VP proceeded.”

“The most critical thing of all is that we show avoid a circumstances where individuals who have stolen our cash in the past return into government. In the event that they do, there won’t be improvement regardless of what they say.”

“The money of this nation must be safeguarded with the goal that it will profit all of us. Education, healthcare, employments, on the chance that you don’t have cash, you can’t do them.”

“There are just 2 types of leaders in Nigeria, the individuals who need to take the cash and those need to utilize the cash for the benefit of everyone.”

“On the desire that we need advance for our nation, we should ensure that we set up the individuals who need to utilize the cash for the benefit of everyone, not the individuals who need to take it,” he said.