Oyemykke Advise Simi On What To Do To Politicians

Oyemykke Advise Simi On What To Do To Politicians

Social media personality, Oyemykke, has called on popular Nigerian singer, Simi to challenge the same energy she uses to fight internet fraudster against politicians also.

In his recent video on Instagram, the Instagram celebrity stated that most of Nigerian stars make their ends meet from fraud so it will be hard for them to speak against fraudsters.

He stated that because of the way they make their ends meet they face the politicians who are the real fraud stars. He wrote:

“Let’s call a spade what it is, Fraud is bad & should be condemned. But not from a fellow fraud star & that’s my main concern.”

“There’s no need to fight one side of corruption , Nigeria is bad & even 5 year olds are becoming & dreaming about Fraud. Let’s curb it together but it’s very important we start from the TOP.”

“DO NOT BE VOICELESS WHEN WE ARE FIGHTING POLITICIANS!! KEEP THESAME ENEGRY as you have for these Internet Thieves with the ones that book your shows, with the ones that give endorsements.”

“I say this because I see how Politicians are celebrated everyday when they are the bigger problem of our society. Fight All If We Must Fight & Fight From The Top.”