Our Relationship Survey Responses by Men

Our Relationship Survey Responses by Men

The survey responses by the men are in. The intent of posting the survey results is to give both men and women some idea as to what the one sex is looking for in the other.

About 95% of men who answered the question about education said that they graduated from high school and are university educated.

Consider this: If these men were not academically educated, how would they have responded?

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How men feel about women

When the question how do you feel about the relative equality of men and women was asked, most of the respondents said that men and women are equals.

But having relayed that finding, I would like to mention that all the respondents were from North America.

Most men said that the woman of their dreams would have a sense of humor and that they most often go into a relationship with the intent to find a partner for life.

We asked men what they think of women.

They said that they are fun, but they also said women are loving.


All of the men who responded said that they do not believe in divorce.

What it takes to be successful at dating

The men said it takes a good personality to be successful at dating.

Not even one of them said anything about women’s looks.

What they want from their wife

The men said they want mental stimulation.

They also said that they would rather be friends first before going into a relationship.

However, some of the men said that they tend to fall in love shortly after meeting a women—usually by the end of the first month.

The men also said they respect women and that women are good.

About marriage

The respondents said they would rather wait in order to marry the right woman rather than just marrying any woman they could, and they will not marry simply because it could be their only chance.

This response is in contrast to what the women said.

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We did not receive one single derogatory remark from the men about women.

You mostly said abusive relationships are unhealthy.


We asked the men if they believe in the idea of soulmates.

They all said yes.

This response came as a bit of a surprise because soulmate relationships was a hot topic at one time, but that is not the case any longer.

What to expect from marriage

When we asked men what they want from a marriage, most of them said love and respect.

Those who are already married mostly said love and respect.

Some that are married also said they wanted mentally stimulating conversation.