Organized labour reject N27,000 Minimum Wage, warns Buhari

Organized labour reject N27,000 Minimum Wage, warns Buhari

The organised labour yesterday, cautioned that nothing will oppose Nigerian workers any kobo from the N30,000 concurred by the naturally enabled National Minimum Wage Tripartite Committee, as included, in its report previously delivered to President Muhammadu Buhari.

To this part, the United Labour Congress (ULC) approached President Muhammadu Buhari, to without doubt sent a bill consist of N30,000 the lowest pay permitted by law, which is the result of aggregate negotiation in the Tripartite Committee answer to the National Assembly.

Following the endorsement of N27,000 by the National Council of State as the new national lowest pay permitted by law on Tuesday, the ULC & the Trade Union Congress (TUC), quickly dismissed the amount, saying that the Council of State comes up short on the established capacity to affirm or suggest the lowest pay permitted by law.

ULC President, Comrade Joe Ajaero, says the Council of State may have been assuming their consultative job, therefore just exhorting President Buhari & not suggesting a lowest pay permitted by law.

Comrade Ajaero said the Council of state has no legitimate capacity to support or prescribe the lowest pay permitted by law.

Talking with The Tribune, the ULC President stated: “The Council of State does not have any constitutional power to approve or recommend minimum wage.”

“So, if the Council of State is talking about N27,000 or N30,000, they are just being advisory. The Council of State cannot recommend minimum wage. So, we are still expecting Mr President to transmit the product of the collective bargaining in the Tripartite Committee report to the National Assembly tomorrow.”

He included: “There is nothing to be done to deny Nigerian workers any kobo from the N30,000 agreed by the Tripartite group. Maybe the Council of State advised him. That should be advisory.”

Emerging from its Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting on Tuesday in Lagos, the announcement said the ULC “rejects in its entirety the proposed N27,000 which is contrary to the N30,000 agreed by the National Minimum Wage Tripartite Committee and which has since been submitted to the President.”

The announcement, likewise endorsed by Comrade Ajaero, stated: “We state that the National Council of State in a National Minimum Wage setting mechanism is an aberration. It is also important that we make it clear that the National Council of State does not have powers to approve, confirm, affirm or accept any figure as the new National Minimum Wage.”

“What they have pretended to have done is therefore without any force of Law, standards or other known practices of Industrial Relations the world over.”

He included: “It is a mockery of the essence and principle behind the setting of a National Minimum Wage to attempt to segregate it between Federal Workers and State Workers.”

“We want to state that workers are workers everywhere whether at the Federal Level or at the State Level. They all have the same challenges; go to the same market, same schools and much more they suffer the same fate. You cannot, therefore, pay them differently.”

The ULC cautioned: “We will however in the next few days in consultation with other Labour Centres if they are still in the struggle for a just national minimum wage take steps to ensure that the interests of Nigerian workers as it concerns the National Minimum Wage are protected.”

“We urge the President to disregard the pronouncement of the National Council of State as it ridicules the statutes and principles governing the nation. The only honourable path he should tread is to transmit the N30,000 figure as agreed by the Tripartite Committee and even the President on the day of submission of the Committee’s report.”

“We will not accept the use of any cover of state to jettison the collective will of Nigerian workers and the trade union movement.”