OPINION: First Class As Top Class:  Are Excellent Results Everything? By Ajayi Oluwagbemiga

OPINION: First Class As Top Class:  Are Excellent Results Everything? By Ajayi Oluwagbemiga

Definitely not! First-class is recognized to be an excellent result in the structure of formal education.

First Class holder is the most celebrated and the ‘facade of school designated jubilant’.

Meanwhile, formal education is certificates oriented even when the intellect of such an individual is zero-oriented to the extent of his/her intelligence circle.

There again, we live in a country that doesn’t allow the consumer of formal education to show conspicuously the affective and the psychomotor domains they acquired.

The only domain that Nigerian-kind of education gives room for is the cognitive domain that subsequently builds up a half man.

It must be known at this point in time that man is incomplete without the effectiveness and practicality of the three domains (the cognitive, affective and the psychomotor).

Cognitive domain: This is the knowledge theory; it equips man on how to think, judge and perceives situations; it helps man to know the existing problem in his environment and how to proffer solution to them.

The Affective: This is the attitude domain; it equips man with the knowledge needed to behave in an acceptable manner in society; it shapes individual social interaction in social life.

Psychomotor Domain: This speaks more on skills acquisition and helps man to be creative and productive. The three domains work hand-in-hand to bring out the potentials and the totality of man.

First Class as a top class: are excellent results in everything?

No! We have the countless number of first-class graduate wandering around the street with their moth-eaten shirts slipping off their shoulders.

Their lives stour number who have graduated with a first-class degree yet could not perform well in the labour market.

They could not give out in visible practice what they are holding.

With no iota of doubt or any recourse to surface judgment, we live in a world where the society over-revere students with the excellent outcome (result).

Owing to this, most of the students go extra miles to acquire the first-class at all costs because it is seen as a visa and ladder to wealthy life which is a beautiful mismatch and excellent far way modern pedagogical scam including examination malpractice, sex-for-mark, material and immaterial stuff for mark, belonging to a cult group as a sign of menace to the pedagogue to mention but a few.

“Rez ipsa loquitor” ~ The fact speaks for themselves. We have a good numbers of dignitaries, business tycoon, successful politicians, creative fashionista, great thinkers, relevant personae, brilliant pedagogue and sage to mention few who never graduated with second-class not to mention a document evidencing ownership or holder of a first-class, yet they are out there building the nation with their underrated certificates and ‘full-baked’ intellect cum the effectiveness of the aforementioned domains.

Should we talk of Bill Gates that dropped out of Harvard University before his junior year while Jobs left Reed college after just one semester?

Year after, Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard University and became the world’s richest twenty-something after creating the internet most successful social network.

And while it is a well-known fact that these individuals never completed their college education talk less of achieving a first-class degree.

Okay! Let go through the academic storyline of the founder of Nairaland, a drop-out student in the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University or the well Africa renounced money deity and successful business man in the person of Aliko Dangote.

Top class results and the grading system in Nigeria is killing potentials and lots of dreams are being sabotaged along the academic Golgotha just to wear the ungolden crown of academic excellence.

Taking a critical look and even taking a practical stance on most clinchers of 1st class, they’re the product of the library who can’t reason beyond the box of their mind concentration and course focus.

Most are a sadist and many are just academics trees like in the case of three idiots movie.

However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate them but the process of getting it has been streamlined to the point of just being a lone figure preoccupied and occupied with books they’re ignorant of.

Follow excellence, success will chase you, pant down axiom is buried truth in the case of our academic process and her process of the accolade.

Zig Zigler remarked, “you can never know what you are good at until you try it”.

The only cognitive domain might not work out successfully in another person’s life but the application of the psychomotor with the affective domain may go a long way to bring out the potentials in that individual life.

Educational Juggernaut ain’t citizens of the 20 hours library seaters.

They’re all round citizens who embraced wisdom than the grading system the society stands to appreciate for a day and forget. Their ideology and what they’ve got last forever and even for the betterment of the society.

Gani Fawehinmi in the legal parlance was never one but in the legal annals of history, his name wouldn’t be forgotten likewise the likes of Falana among others.

Still and all, all this often said does not connote that students should relax in their academic prowess.

It is also of good fortune if one acquires the first-class degree because if there’s a call for an interview, the certificate will speak first before the owner will now be given ‘microphone’ to protect his/her integrity by defending the certificate.

An excellent result is good if it holder do not possess it with poison chalice cum half-baked knowledge.

“There is no ‘one-size-fits-all approach to fishing. You must know what you are fishing for” — John Piper.

I believe what worth doing at all is what doing well.

Students have to work well.

School requires more of intellectual hard work but we need to learn to work smart, not hard.

“Hard work rarely translates into wealth, only a fool would work hard in the hope of succeeding. Have you ever seen a rich donkey?”

Try and connect the two sides shaking bridge for a complete round thought.

Study and learn with the mentality to change your society for better and not for self-glorification under the month of Sundays act of seconds restricted swallowing or jacking.

The world is in dire need of problem solvers cum solutionist, not academic decorations.

Be a well grounded and equipped academic model and the world will give you a laudable and overwhelming standing ovation

By Ajayi Oluwagbemiga Samuel

A 200 level student of Education and Social Studies,

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife


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