Nature & The Society Have Been Very Unfair To Women: The Bitter Truth

Nature & The Society Have Been Very Unfair To Women: The Bitter Truth

By Terfa Naswem

Women have faced a lot of unfair treatment both from nature and the society.

These place them in situations where in most cases lead them to chronic depression.

One of these unfair treatment by nature is ovulation.

It is the release of ripe egg from the ovary.

The ripe egg will continue its journey through the fallopian tube into the womb (uterus) over a period of two to three days.

This whole period is fertile period. Ovulation starts between 10 and 12 years, and ends when a woman reaches menopause (45 and 55).

This means that once a woman reaches 45 or 55 years, she can’t get pregnant. But a man at 60 or 80 years and more can make a woman pregnant.

This is very unfair.

Another unfair treatment by nature is marriage.

A man can marry at any age but once a woman reaches 30 years, she finds it difficult to get a husband.

Why? Even men who are 50 years and above, when they want to marry, they marry women who are below 30 or 20 years.

Who should then marry those above 30?

That is why when a woman approaches 30 years with no marriage proposal, she and her parents start getting worried about her future.

This is very unfair.

One of the unfair treatment by the society is unfaithfulness.

The society sees nothing wrong when a man cheats on his wife but demonises the woman when she cheats on her husband.

This is very unfair.

If a man cheats on his wife, what moral justification does he has to criticize or divorce his wife when she cheats on him?

Unfair treatment of women by nature is beyond human control, but the unfair treatments by the society can be stopped if the society wants.