Muhammadu Buhari lacks capacity to defeat Boko Haram – CUPP

Muhammadu Buhari lacks capacity to defeat Boko Haram – CUPP

The Coalition of United Political Parties has revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari do not have the ability to overcome the Boko Haram militants.

CUPP in an announcement delivered by its representative, Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, said that the president was dispossessed of thoughts to battle the rebels.

He revealed that Buhari was more worried about victorious in the 2019 poll than been victorious about the war in the NorthEast.

The announcement said “The CUPP is stressed that notwithstanding the few security challenges, President Muhammadu Buhari is communicating finished unconcern and looking deprived of thoughts to handle the circumstance, yet he is playing legislative issues with national security and concentrating just on his re-appointment crusade after a dreary execution. “

“Something else, what else depicts the arrangement of the Minister of Interior, Gen Abdulrahman Danbazzau, to whom the police and other paramilitary security organizations authoritatively answer to as the Director of security of the APC Presidential Campaign? How and where will General Danbazzau adhere to a meaningful boundary between national security and APC security? By what means can a legislature be so unfeeling to the predicament of its kin.”

“The arrangement of General Danbazzau has at last uncovered the way that all the factional activities of the Police Inspector General are on the express directions of the President, no big surprise he needs to broaden the residency of the Inspector General. It is currently obvious to all Nigerians that President Buhari is playing legislative issues with national security.”

“The President and the APC are presently acting without disgrace and are prepared to undermine national security and let the nation consume.”

“The Opposition Coalition request that General Danbazzau ought to promptly leave as Minister of Interior for the dear lives and property of blameless subjects who are biting the dust in their hundreds every day the country over while Buhari plays governmental issues.”