How To Move Beyond Your Peers

How To Move Beyond Your Peers

The subject of though leadership has been thrown up and down in this space, a lot of people are in quandary on what they are in, some refuse to acknowledge themselves as one and those who even call themselves thought leaders have little or no idea what it means.

It should be noted that whatever you do that put people in a better position can establish you as a thought leader be it a fashion designer, writer, artist, speaker, etc.

As a thought leader it means you are known of value in any industry you belong and there are certain things you should exhibit and some other things to ignore since you will be leading others, your ideas and thoughts are required move other people from where they are to they should be.

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The position of leadership is not an avenue to brag on your knowledge but to show others how your ideas and expertise can help them overcome their immediate and future challenges.

People will always come to you to seek your opinion on different subjects and situations bothering them, some will even come to test your ability, so care is to be taken.

One of the downfalls of a thought leader is when he or she tries to position his/herself as someone who possesses knowledge in all fields, this has brought untimely death to the careers of many, so in order to remain relevant and valuable, it is expected that you stay on your path and voice out when matters are out of your expertize.

It is better to position yourself for the little you know than to brag on the bulk you have no idea of.

I have seen many people staying in the same spot over the years not giving themselves to learning to improve their current offerings and values; this is too bad for a leader.

There is a need for you to update yourself regularly, either by hiring a coach or buying a course and new materials.

Nevertheless, I will show you other ways to improve your thought leadership career.

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Use Questions To Your Advantage

The student who questions much will actually know more and one become more valuable through knowledge gotten and applied.

This is what I learned from a friend in my time in the higher institution, no matter who or what topic we are being taught, he would always ask questions and it really panned out well for him and he scored the highest point then.

If there is something you are not sure about or if there is something you do not agree with, go ahead and ask other people who are ahead of you.

Question your underlying assumptions, don’t afraid to ask and don’t stop asking.

Think Overboard

There is always a way to do things, but what sets you out as a though leader is your ability to think against the usual norm.

Thought leaders are a repository of ideas and it is expected that they proffer new ways of doing things.

In this regard I mean you should have independent thought; embrace the uniqueness of your ideas.

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The world is tired of the same old story, the same old method, we seek better ways of getting things done and that’s your task as a leader, we need new ideas and thoughts that collide with conventional thinking to produce true though leadership.

Take Action

True thought leadership begins when you take action on the knowledge and experiences you have, avoid being passive, become active today.

Remember that, only knowledge applied equals wisdom.

So to become wise you have to act on what you have.

Ideas don’t come fully; you have use what you what for what you have is plenty.

You are a though leader because you can think and lead. Go and do exploit.

Written by Israel Godwin