The Mistakes I Made at the Beginning of My Career as a Content Creator

The Mistakes I Made at the Beginning of My Career as a Content Creator

There is a saying that Rome was not built in a day which is very true but for me I wanted to build the whole of Europe in a day when I started my career as a content developer for bloggers, personal brands and cooperate organisations in the area of personal development.

I never knew that it was not automatic success rather I needed to stay put and hone my skills before I could enjoy the profitability of my career as a content developer but no the impatience from my father’s house chased after me like Usain Bolt who is running for gold medal.

Hunger showed me that my passion to build a career as a content developer alone won’t pay my bills, there were times depression almost dragged me to the hospital but God pass am.

In life success is not chased after rather you become a person of value and then the rewards of becoming valuable is what many people now call success.

Same thing as a content developer especially if you are aspiring to build a career in that niche then you need to avoid the mistakes I made at the beginning of my career.

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Don’t be shocked that I said at the beginning of my career in content development I made mistakes, yes no successful arrived overnight.

They all made one error or the other which boosted their learning and challenged them to sit tight not to give up on themselves.

The following are some of the mistakes which I want you to learn from.


My ignorance then taught me that since I am gifted there was no need to chase knowledge but I was wrong in fact my content became boring, nobody was really interested in following my content online until I enrolled for a training on writing, from that day I concluded knowledge will be one of my pursuit as a content developer.

Don’t tell me you were born to write, yes I know you have the potentials but nobody eats the leaf of a mango tree and enjoy it except it is the mango fruit.

Your potentials are in their raw state so you need to develop them by chasing the right knowledge which will help you hone your potentials then people can gain value from your content.


The first time I saw making money through content development for blogs, individuals and organisations it gave me so much joy and zeal to know that poverty will be kicked out of my life but I didn’t know the money won’t just land on my laps automatically.

For many months I was hustling and trying to see how my hustle will pay but it didn’t work out.

I decided to get the help of a content development coach who gave me the right strategies to use in profiting from my career as a content developer thou it was not immediately I got results but with consistency and the right application my bank account balance started getting positive alarms.

I struggled to make 1 naira all because my mindset thought money making from content development was automatic.

As a content developer you must chase the right knowledge and also get the right strategies from coaching and training on how to profit from your career.

Content development is beyond the likes and comments, if your content development does not translate into bank alerts then you need to get the right knowledge and if you have the right knowledge I congratulate you but you need the right strategies for your knowledge to produce results.

In all I have said don’t forget that I said profiting from your career as a content developer won’t happen in a day, you must chase after the right strategies through coaching and training.

Author – Godstime Efeni