Marriage 101 (Part 7) “YOUR STORY HAS ONLY BEGUN!”

Marriage 101 (Part 7) “YOUR STORY HAS ONLY BEGUN!”Photo Credit: Treasure Kalu

This is message is just to encourage somebody.

You may be a gentleman holding back from taking the bold step to marry because you are lost in the paralysis of analysis. You are wondering how the numerous bills will be paid when you get married.

Make no mistake, there are plenty of bills ahead but there’s a realm that renders bills useless.

You may be a lady who really loves that guy and you have a deep conviction that he is God-ordained but you are scared because his bank account has no form nor comeliness.

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One of the best things God did for me from when my wife and I decided to get married, was to infuse a new dimension of faith into me; I caught a level of light.

Many thanks to several encounters with the spirit of faith through my spiritual father, Pst. Korede Komaiya.

Meeting this great man of God and becoming his son changed the narratives of my faith walk.

If I followed my bank account or what people were saying to me, I would have postponed my wedding.

But I was bold in all my faith declarations.

My concerned relatives kept asking me, “are sure there’s money? Hope our family will not be humiliated at the end?”

My reply was “we CANNOT be humiliated!” Eventually we had a memorable wedding.

Our wedding was and still is, an inspiration to alot of people.

After the wedding, begins the real game.

A time to face life squarely in the face.

All bank accounts were blinking red.

The wedding ceremonies had gulp everything.

Some of my best paying clients withdrew their subscription few weeks to my wedding.

Cash was scarce.

As a man there were a million and one thoughts running through my head. I was scared.

I remember calling my mentor Dr. Ubong King on phone to share my fears.

I told him how I was scared that if my wife got pregnant, it may be tough to handle the responsibilities.

Ubong King laugheddd!

Then he asked me, “Teekay, do you have a house right now?” I said yes.

“Do you have curtains in your house?” I said, we use window blinds.

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Then he said “your own better!

When I got married I was squatting with a friend.

I had my first child while living with a friend and when we finally got a house, there was no cash to buy curtains.

We used newspapers to cover the glasses of our windows for privacy.”

After that conversation, it dawned on me that things were not as bad as I was thinking.

When I was to get a house in Uyo; I was first shown a small portable house whose rent was moderate.

Just as I was contemplating to take it, I heard God say to me, “the space you create for me is the space I would fill.”

Right there, I knew that wasn’t my house; I left it.

The moment I was shown our current house, I didn’t think twice, I took it. It was a leap of faith.

I remember a friend of mine saying, “remember the first rent is always easy to pay; it’s from the second one that it gets harder!”

By God’s special grace, I have never struggled to pay my rent and never will.

You see, this very logical and analytical mind is what has kept millions of people from living a great life.

We over-analyse things! It’s the reason some people have lived a small self-contained or face me, I face you accommodation for years.

It’s the reason many drive small cars.

If you cannot have it in your mind; you cannot grab it with your hands.

We even quote the Bible verse that talks about counting the cost out of context.

The question is what is the cost that the Bible is talking about? It is the cost of FAITH.

How much of my faith do I have to put on the line for this to work in my life?

How much of covenant practice do I need to engage?

What is the effort I have to put in?

Break that cycle!

You deserve to enjoy the good things of life!

Stop exempting yourself.

Don’t allow your children suffer the same deprivation you suffered as a child.

Dr. Mike Murdock says “God’s greatest pleasure is to be believed.

His greatest pain is to be doubted.”

When we were growing up with our late mum, we never lived in a self-contained let alone a flat.

We lived in a single room.

The small room was everything.

It was the parlour, the room, the kitchen and all.

We shared bathroom and toilet with 15 or more neighbours.

Using the toilet was always a horrible experience.

The stench could make you throw up.

But I made up my mind never to live that kind of small life.

I really wish my mum was alive to see this day.

I’m sure she would have been a very fulfilled woman.

My current living room was like a mini football field when we first moved in.

We had no household propeties at all except our mattress in our room.

I would stay in a sleeping position to work on my laptop all day long.

My wife and I would sit on the mattress and put our food on the floor to eat or we would sit on the elevated part of our dining section and put our food on the floor to eat.

No chairs, no radio, no TV… Nothing!

Some months before our wedding, my spiritual father Pastor KK called for people to offer God a sacrificial seed.

Right there, I heard God say, “sow your brand new TV and home theatre sound system.”

These were electronics I had just bought and were still in the carton.

The plan was to start using them after our wedding.

It was tough for me.

I especially loved the sound system, the sound was crispy.

I tried to negotiate with God if I could sow only the TV.

That same day, I dropped both items on the altar and walked away feeling deprived but yet looking up to God.

For almost a year, our house was still totally empty and void.

Whenever there was no public power, all our neighbours would turn on their generators but my wife and I will turn on our candle or rechargeable lamp.

I kept knocking on neighbours doors to charge my devices.

I knew some of my close friends were feeling sorry for us whenever they visited us.

In all, my faith confession didn’t wave.

Every morning we would bombard the atmosphere with faith-filled declarations.

My wife and I would read Isaiah 60 from verse 1 to the end aloud.

My Spirtual father had declared the year was a year of supernatural enlargement.

I kept saying, “we CANNOT be stranded, we dwell in supernatural abundance. We enjoy angelic assistance…”

As the man of the house I had a clear picture of the kind of house I wanted.

I would point at empty walls and describe to my wife what would be there.

The picture was so clear that when we contacted a furniture maker for sofas, he did something substandard to my inner picture.

I was so pissed that I put the sofas up for sale on at half of the original price because I needed them out of my sight fast.

The buyer was very happy but not me.

To cut the long story short, when our clouds got full, the rain of abundance came in torrents.

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Within a space of 3 months, our empty house had transformed into a very decent and admirable house that you see.

Photo Credit: Treasure Kalu

Photo Credit: Treasure Kalu

There’s nobody that has stepped into our house that didn’t give a compliments.

Some people even take pictures.

And I am not even done.

Sometimes I hold back because it is a rented house and we may be needing a bigger space soon.

These are only our days of little beginnings, therefore we are not camping here.

We may still have other needs but we have proven and are still proving that faith works!

With the same mindset we are going head-on for higher things.

We are pressing into grace and divine provision on a daily basis.

We are encouraged to see things turning around as we make moves.

I don’t live by my regular income; inflation is high.

I live by faith and by the favour of God.

Bishop Oyedepo says “faith is a supernatural currency that delivers the same purchasing power in every nation of the world.”

I am grateful to God. I cannot forget where I am coming from.

There was a time I would visit some of my friends and I would wonder when I would be able to afford their kind of accommodation.

I celebrate my wife who saw me beyond an empty house and an empty pocket and has always been there to encourage me when my logical and analytical mind wants to override my faith.

If I decide to buy her a private jet tomorrow or build her a mansion in Banana Island, let the world know that she paid her dues.

In our times, when alot of ladies are looking for ATM cards to marry, it’s difficult to see a lady as gorgeous and exposed as my wife who will not mount unnecessary pressure on a man.

A woman who believes in a man and encourages him is priceless.

My wife Amarachi Uduma Kalu is the real MVP. Babe forgerrit; you will so enjoy that your second name will be enjoyment.

Let’s just keep going!

Alright! I hope someone finds hope, faith and strength in this piece.

Don’t conclude on a story that is still in its preface. Please don’t commit suicide because things are hard.

Seasons change.

Take it from someone who has been through hell and high waters.

Have faith guys! Trust God and do your bit. I can’t wait to get your wedding invitation.

We have 6 months left in 2019; goal for it!

Please share this post. Someone is waiting to be encouraged.

By Treasure Kalu