At Last, Naira Marley “Management” Reacts To Singer’s Arrest

At Last, Naira Marley “Management” Reacts To Singer’s Arrest

The management of Naira Marley has reacted to the arrest and detention of the fast rising musician.

In a press release viral online, the management claimed that the musician was caught with incriminating items not belong to him.

“The situation with Naira Marley is extremely unfortunate. We heard complaints about his recent comments around cybercrime. Naira did not publicly defend those who commit fraud”

“He expressed his view on the situation which was simply his opinion, something every human being is entitled to. Following this, he playfully made a reactive song ‘Am I Yahoo Boy’ in response to the varied feedback he received. He is not a ‘Yahoo Boy’!”

“Naira Marley is a hard-working artiste who has turned his back on crime and focuses solely on his music. At present, his basic human and civil rights are being violated. His reputation is being tainted. The EFCC is yet to find ‘hard evidence’ against him.”

“Niara Marley was found with an item that does not belong to him. The items retrieved were borrowed so he can upload music, videos and record while visiting Nigeria.”

“Naira speaks for the streets and those who do not have a voice, not only in Nigeria but also in the UK. Although his messages may come as misconstrued, he loves his country. Naira Marley does not practice fraud, neither does he facilitate it.”