I Know 35 S3x Styles – Ghanaian Prophet Boast

I Know 35 S3x Styles – Ghanaian Prophet Boast

A Popular Prophet in Ghana, Nicholas Osei, who is also known as Prophet Kumchacha, yesterday stated that she known many s3x style.

Prophet Osei, in his statement, stated that he is very strong on bed and he is not like the lazy men who can not satisfy their partner.

The clergyman also stated that the world will end if he does not have s3x in a day.

The Ghanaian prophet revealed that he is a s3x addict, and further stated that he can only be with a lady that likes s3x.

“I have 35 s3x styles; so you can’t be my wife and be saying you’re tired of having s3x; no matter how tired you are; you must avail yourself to me anytime l want it.”

This is coming after the controversial clergyman stated that any woman who calls God name during s3x will not make heaven.

“Whether you are making the love with your husband or boyfriend, once you scream the name of Jesus Christ while in the act, there is no way you will not go to hell,” he had said.