Joseph Yobo Speaks On Ajax’s Victory Over Juventus

Joseph Yobo Speaks On Ajax’s Victory Over Juventus

Former Nigerian captain, Joseph Yobo in his reaction to the victory of Ajax against Juventus in the UEFA Champions League stated that their victory was not a fluke.

The Former Nigerian international stated that Ajax also eliminated Real Madrid in the sixteen round of the competition, he also predicted that the Dutch side will reach the final.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal in the 28th minute was not enough to give Juventus victory as Donny Van de Beek equalized six minutes later and a goal from Matthijs de Ligt give them the victory.

Yobo said in his post-match analysis on SuperSport, “They totally dominated the game, they came into this game with a total conviction they can have something from it, that they could win this game and it’s not impossible.”

“They are playing very well. Second half they had so many chances, I thought this game could have ended 3-1, they did everything they had to do.”

“It’s just a special and memorable Champions League moment for Ajax, kudos and big congratulations.”

“It’s 22 years since they qualified for the semifinals, this is very impressive, this team has done something that is very special.”

“Now they are looking like one of the favorites. Can they get to the final, can they win the semifinal?”

“If they continue the way they are playing, that conviction that whatever happens they could have their best in every game that they play.”

“It’s not just the goals, it is the performance, they actually dominated the second half.”

“It is good to know that they have the mental strength because they were 1-0 down, they could have put their heads down but they stood up, they rose to the occasion.”

“They delivered, they played, they believed in themselves, so much credit to this team, it’s not a fluke.”

“They did it against Real Madrid, they have done it again today, this is a special team.”