JOB SEARCH: After NYSC, The Reality Begins…

JOB SEARCH: After NYSC, The Reality Begins…

By ‎Ali Ojonugwa‎

They said go to school and you will get a good job, we did.

They said get a good result because companies only employ people with good grades, we did.

They said go for your youth service, that is the necessity for employment, we did.

Get a professional certificate, it will boost your CV, we also did.

But nothing has happened.

Days have turned to weeks, weeks have become months, nothing.

Now they say masters.

Others are saying get another degree.

Are those really the way out?

Nigeria has become a land of who you know and not what you know.

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The dull students with long legs are occupying top organizational positions, while the bright students with no leg are jobless, selling recharge cards, teaching primary school pupils.

Just wasting away.

The nation has become a jungle.

The toughest man wins.

For those of you fighting in this jungle called Nigeria, I salute you.

You are not alone in it.

We have been lied to. School is no longer the way out.

Keep fighting.

One day you will soar.

For those still in the youth service scheme, get ready, get prepared.

Take advantage of skills brought before you.

Learn something.

Do not be distracted and carried away.

You are soon going to face the real world.

Only the tough survives in this battle.

Are you ready to fight?