ISWAP Releases Two Women After Governor’s Convoy Attack

Two women among those that were kidnapped during the ambush on the Borno State governor’s convoy along Dikwa and Gamboru Ngala highway on February 12, 2019, have been released.

They were released by the Islamic State in West African Province, the international affiliate of the Boko Haram terrorist group.

The women that were released came with a message from the terrorist group that other women still in their den would be married off on Thursday.

The women further stated that the group have many fighters, both young and old and are in control of the vast land between Dikwa and Gamboru-Ngala in Borno state northeast Nigeria.

“There are a lot of us women, men, both young and middle-aged. The militants have killed some of the men and young boys they took. We (women) were kept in a smaller group, but they kept rotating us around the vast empty land until Friday when they asked that the two of us leave. They showed us the road to follow and asked us to relate their message to the authorities that on Thursday they are going to get all the women married,”

The state government, however, have not released any statement in relation to the ambush on the governor’s convoy.