Is Ruggedman in an affair with Maheeda?

Is Ruggedman in an affair with Maheeda?


The name ‘Maheeda’ is not new to many. In fact, the name is synonymous with posting of compromising photographs on the internet. Many have even joked that the singer is well known for this more than her music.

On the part of Ruggedman, he is known for his music, a rapper in particular. Though he also gained fame through controversies, but he has over the time shown to be a respected artiste in the music industry. Apart from music, the rapper is into fashion, anchoring corporate events and floating a clothing line.

But there seems something going on between Maheeda and Ruggedman, which reliably gathered is a music work.

We scooped that the two artistes are planning to release a song that will shake the music industry.

The direction of the music work was not disclosed to us by one of Ruggedman’s associates.