Is Rihanna Liverpool’s Next Owner?

Is Rihanna Liverpool’s Next Owner?


One of the undoubted social media stars of the 2014 World Cup was pop princess Rihanna.

She Tweeted throughout almost every game and made an appearance at the final in Rio before partying with the victorious Germany players after their World Cup final win over Argentina.

It was originally reported a few days ago that Rihanna was interested in buying a Premier League team, but did not specify which club.

It is understood that Rihanna has taken advice from Chelsea striker Didier Drogba on what club to move for but the Blues would be hugely difficult to buy due to Roman Abramovich’s ownership.

Rihanna has once claimed she is a Liverpool fan, which is perhaps why El Mundo Deportivo have linked her with a move for the Anfield club.

Liverpool are currently owned by the American Fenway Sports Group and whilst we suspect John W. Henry and co would love to get Rihanna on board in some capacity, they are unlikely to sell control of the club having made so much progress in recent years.

Both on the pitch and off it, with the redevelopment of Anfield.