Is Arsene Wenger Returning To Football? #YES

Is Arsene Wenger Returning To Football? #YES

There are indications that former boss of Arsenal football club may not be through with his assignment in the football world.

After coaching Arsenal for 22 years before his retirement, he insisted that is confident of a return, although he is unsure in what role.

The Frenchman told The UK Guardian that the appetite and desire to return to football is still there.

“I will go back into football, for sure.”

“In what position I don’t know, whether that is as a manager or not. The appetite, the desire, is still there.”

“Originally I said I want to manage straight away again. After that I thought maybe I take a little distance.”

“I came to the conclusion that I want to share what I learned in my life. Because life is only useful if at some stage you share what you know. In what way will it be, will it be just winning football games or in another way? That’s what I have to decide. That decision will come very quickly.”

“Football is still my passion. That’s the only thing I have a little bit of a feeling I know a little bit about”.