INSECURITY: What President Buhari Said During Interview On Monday Night

INSECURITY: What President Buhari Said During Interview On Monday Night

Following news report that President Muhammadu Buhari was going to address the country on national television yesterday, he eventually did as he spoke about issues affecting the nation such as insecurity, poor economy, food security, appointment of ministers among others.

Mr Buhari admitted that the police have been ineptitude.

“Those perpetrating this evil come from somewhere in Nigeria. Their neighbourhoods know them. The community leaders and also the police are in the front line. They (the police) were not giving the position and uniforms to impress anybody but to secure the people. In this, I feel the community leadership and police to some extent have failed this country.”

“The security in relation to when I was in command has really gone down. I can not claim to know what happened after I left the military. But definitely, I did not know person to person all the service chiefs. I am still expecting more but I’m thinking of what happened between 1999 to 2014″.

He, however, said the military and other enforcement agencies lack accountability and efficiency with promise to look into this in his second term.

“I will try to make the police and the judiciary to be more efficient. There is no town where we don’t get a police station. They are supposed to be the front line of law and order.

“In some communities, if anyone steals, they know from which family who stole or which kind of criminal. This is what I want the police to achieve- absolute community security. To know the criminals around them and get them prosecuted.”