Insecurity: Osun is relatively safe

Insecurity: Osun is relatively safe

Following the recent killings and kidnapping across Nigeria, the state government of Osun has said the state is relatively safe compared to other south western state.

The supervising commissioner of information, Adelani Baderinwa made this known in an interview with the Punch newspaper.

“Osun is relatively safe in comparison with what is obtainable in other parts of the country. We have had three cases of kidnapping/abduction so far and it is to the glory of God and the joint efforts of government and the security agencies that the abductees were rescued while some of the perpetrators were apprehended.”

“No other form of popular insecurity situation has occurred in serious terms in the state since the advent of our progressive and proactive government in 2010.”

“For the whole lot of time that farmer-herdsmen clashes were fashionable in the country, only one feeble case was recorded. This is to the extent that an abducted person in Lagos was rescued in Osun while the abductors were arrested. It won’t be out of place to conclude that Osun is safer than many states in Nigeria