I Have Not Made Money From Music — Singer Kelly Hansome

I Have Not Made Money From Music — Singer Kelly Hansome

Singer Kelechi Orji, otherwise known as Kelly Hansome at some period was one of the main singer in Nigeria. His tunes such as Maga Don Pay & Like Play, led the playlist & it was anticipated that the fame meant riches as well.

While in a discussion with newsmen, Kelly Hansome said he was yet to profit from music. He expressed, “I have never received royalties for Maga don Pay and all those songs that brought me to the limelight. Anyway, I am not looking forward to getting it because it doesn’t feed me. I am comfortable on my own; music has not really paid me. Have I signed an endorsement deal? Companies come to me but I don’t agree with their terms. You cannot use money to buy me because I am not desperate.”

“I was hoping that the Copyright Society of Nigeria would do some calculation and pay artistes, but nothing has happened. We have a body but I have not heard from them in a while. I don’t even think of all that any longer.”

The artist likewise expressed that he does not lived in Nigeria, claiming that he was presently engaged with different things aside from music. He stated,“I live in the United States of America; I only come to Nigeria when I have things to do. I have other things I do with my life now but I don’t like to reveal details. I have a family and I have a daughter to take care of.”

On teaming up with more youthful singer, for example, Wizkid & Davido, he expressed, “Collaborating with an artiste happens naturally. When you connect with an artiste, you make music together. I cannot just collaborate with an artiste because he has sung one popular song when he doesn’t know me and I don’t know him. I have principles that guide me. I have tasted fame; so, I am not looking for it again. I still do music but I do it differently.”